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  • Should I make a booking in advance?
    Online Bookings are essential to attend any session with Artology Art Creations. Certain events do book out fast, sometimes months in advance, so we advise to book as soon as you can to secure your spot and to avoid disappointment. There are no sales at the venue on the day of the event.
  • How long are the sessions and what time do I arrive?
    Most of our events are 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the time needed to create your masterpiece. We advise you to arrive 10-15 mins prior to the event start time to get signed off and to get seated and comfortable. Please note: some events may go under the allocated time or slightly over.
  • What if I am running late?
    We just ask you to let us know via email or phone the venue to advise. We may start the event and you will just be walked through the steps by the assistant to catch up etc once you arrive.
  • If I’m coming with a friend, family member or large group will we be seated together?
    We do an allocated seating plan so we can ensure you are seated with your group. You will receive a reminder email approx. a week prior to the event so you can let us know the details in advance.
  • Can Children attend events?
    Children over the age of 8 need to be a registered ticket holder and be accompanied and supervised by a parent/adult. In the case of a child attending the drink included will be swapped to a kid appropriate drink – i.e a Soft Drink or Juice. We do hold Childrens Paint n Juice events during the year and recommended age is 7 and over. The included drink will be a Juice or Soft Drink. Children only over the age of 16 can attend a Resin, Alcohol Ink, Texture or Paint Pouring Workshop with a paying adult. If you are unsure please email us to verify. All instructors/assistants are Blue card holders. Some events may be 18+ only and this will be advertised on the event.
  • What do I wear?
    We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and something you are ok to get some paint on if this occurs. We do provide aprons for all events to protect your clothing however some workshops can get messy and accidents happen. Artology Art Creations takes no responsibility for any clothing that may be damaged by paint, Resin, Alcohol Ink etc.
  • Can we bring Alcohol to the event?
    As we hold our events at Licenced Restaurants BYO alcohol is prohibited. However, if your event is in your own home or BYO venue this doesn’t apply.
  • If we are celebrating a Birthday or Special Occasion, can we bring some balloons/decorations or a cake?
    Absolutely, We want you to enjoy the event so this is not an issue. Please ensure that you email us regarding this so this can be arranged/approved by the Venue. If your supplying some decorations for you table or bringing a Cake along please arrive 20 mins early so we can arrange for it to be refrigerated and you can set up your balloons/decorations.
  • After booking a ticket, what happens next?
    Once you process your ticket and transaction you will receive a confirmation email with the ticket to the chosen event. Artology Art Creations will also be notified of your booking.
  • Can I purchase a Gift Card for a friend or redeem at a later date?
    Absolutely, we have a variety of Gift Cards available for purchase and these make great gift ideas. We don’t supply a physical Gift Certificate but have digital Gift Cards available. All Gift Cards are valid for 3 years from date of purchase.
  • How do I redeem a Gift Card Online?
    At the payment screen you simply enter the Gift Card Code to proceed.
  • Are Gift Cards Refundable?
    Gift Cards are non-refundable and can only be used prior to their expiry date. They expire 36 months (3 years) from the date of purchase. It is the Gift Card Holders responsibility to use the Card before the expiry date. Artology Art Creations do not send reminders of Gift Cards Expiring. Gift Cards can’t be redeemed for Cash. Tickets purchased with Gift Cards are subject to the same terms and conditions of Artology Art Creations ticket purchases – i.e - if you’re a no show for your selected event, the Gift Card/Ticket will now be void and you will not be offered credit for the remaining expiry time.
  • Giveaway/Competition Policy
    If you are a competition Winner you will be notified via our facebook page. Once you have made contact we will process a Ticket to your chosen event and you will be notified via email once this has been processed . It is the Winners responsibility to ensure they contact us to redeem their prize – i.e – Paint n Sip Ticket before the expiry. Artology Art Creations is not responsible to advise the expiry of the prize. The Prize can not be used towards another event or be redeemed for Cash. Giveaways/Competitions are valid for 3 months from the announcement.
  • What is Resin?
    Resin is a material that can be used for many different purposes and is created by mixing two components that are matched to each other. After the components (Part A and Part B) have been mixed with each other, not only heat is radiated, but the material is also converted from a liquid to a solid / cured state. The mixing ratio of resin to hardener varies depending on the type of Resin used for the project. 1 to 1 or even 1 to 2, so that the material can cure perfectly. We use Art Resin by Just Resin which is Australian Made. Just Resin is one of the best on the market and Art Resin is 1 to 2 parts. Part A is 2 parts (Resin) and Part B is 1 part (Hardener). We ensure that the room is well ventilated however it is a low odour Resin. This will be mixed by you on the day of the workshop. Just Resin Art Resin has a workable time of 40 minutes once mixed together. Different epoxy resins or casting resins, each with individually different properties, can be used for a variety of different applications according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It is important that gloves are worn while using Resin which we provide on the day as well as a disposable apron to protect your clothing. We advise to wear something you don’t mind if Resin gets on, as accidents happen. If you have long hair, it is advised to ensure your hair is tied up and out the way when creating. Avoid wearing jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches (these can be taken off before the workshop starts). Before we commence the class and get creating your instructor will explain all the safety information followed by a demonstration. Please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDA) in detail on our Workshop Infomation Page to ensure you make an informed decision about working with Resin.
  • What is Alcohol Ink?
    We use Jacquard Pinata Brand inks for all our workshops. They are a dye-based, highly transparent ink, colours from the Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Ink range are unparalleled for vibrancy, with only the most lightfast dyes being selected for the palette. Acid-free with excellent adhesive properties, Piñata Colours have become the go-to inks for any non-porous surface. They have 27 colours in their range – we may not have the entire range but we have a good variety after testing out the most popular colours for vibrancy. Alcohol Inks are a highly fluid colour that are vibrant and fast drying. They are also moisture-resistant and permanent once dry, and will work perfectly on almost any clean, oil-free surface. Use them for stamping, scrapbooking, textile and fine arts – the creative opportunities are endless! Alcohol inks can be used on all kinds of surfaces from glass and metal to ceramic, stone and leather and they partner perfectly with YUPO Paper. Piñata alcohol inks can be used with many different painting techniques on a variety of surfaces to achieve all kinds of wonderful effects. They can be used with a brush, like a traditional ink, but it is very rewarding experimenting with them using the techniques below! Dripping and pouring Spritzing with Isopropyl Alcohol Using a straw to blow inks around your surface Using Alcohol Inks Safely As with many art materials, it is important to bare in mind your safety and the safety of those around you. First and foremost, these inks are highly flammable – so you must never use them near a naked or open flame. Some people do find the smell of Alcohol Inks unpleasant. When used in large amounts they can have a strong chemical smell. It is important to use your inks in a well ventilated environment. This should prevent a build up of fumes which could otherwise create headaches or other adverse health effects. If a well ventilated room is not available it would be advisable to invest in a respirator mask. This will be useful if you plan on using these inks for any length of time. These should be available from most hardware shops. The more ventilation in the room you are in, the better. Alcohol Inks will stain. Use Clean Up Solution or Isopropyl Alcohol to clean up your inks. Some discolouration may remain even after cleaning, so it is important to protect the surface of any furniture or clothing that you will use when painting. Alcohol Inks can also stain skin. Wearing rubber gloves is advisable if you wish to avoid trying to remove it from your fingers! We advised to wear something that you don’t mind if you get ink on as accidents happen. Artology Art Creations take no responsibility for damaged clothing. Do not work with alcohol inks if you are pregnant: Nobody knows exactly what the harmful effects of inhaling alcohol fumes could be on your baby, so it's best avoided. Try watercolors instead. Do not let children work with alcohol inks: 16+ years is better age for working with alcohol inks because we can expect elder kids or adults to be careful while working with inks. Work in a ventilated environment: If possible, keep your doors and windows open while working with inks. If the weather is not good, at least run exhaust fans or air purifier to get rid of the fumes faster. If you work at home, please keep your kids and other family members away while you are working. Wear gloves: I use simple surgical gloves or latex gloves to protect my hands. Alcohol inks will stain your hands and do not come off easily if you are not careful. Protect your eyes: If you have sensitive eyes, I recommend wearing a protective eye wear as well. Sometimes, inks might splatter when you open a new bottle; wearing glasses can prevent them from going in your eyes. Wear a mask: This is the most important product that you must buy if you plan to work with inks regularly. I use a 3M Medium Half Facepiece with Organic Vapour/Acid filter cartridge. Once I wear it, I cannot smell the alcohol at all. You may find similar masks, but do check that you should not be able to smell the fumes. I wear the same mask while varnishing as well. Please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDA) in detail on our Workshop Infomation Page to ensure you make an informed decision about working with Alcohol Ink.
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